Wills, estates and succession planning

Rees R & Sydney Jones can help you ensure you have securely planned for your future and the future of your family and loved ones. We are also here to help you manage the estate of a loved one who has passed away.

We are aware that having to deal with the administration of the estate of a loved one is a very emotionally draining and difficult time. Our team’s aim is to be approachable, with all procedures being explained to you in language that is simple and easy to understand. We spend time at the first interview taking detailed notes of all relevant information and hearing about those issues which are important to the family.

The team at Rees R & Sydney Jones has extensive experience in creating Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney that consider the varied and complex nature of personal, family and business affairs. We make sure your succession planning is thorough and well thought-out, to ensure all is considered to minimise difficulties at an already challenging time for your family and loved ones.

Wills and Estate law services

Developing your Will

It is vital when making a Will, that it is carefully considered to minimise the risk of tensions that might arise at a deeply stressful time for your family. With generations of experience in estate and succession planning, we are experienced at creating Wills that are thoughtfully planned to ensure your wishes are able to be carried out.

Estate Management and Executor advice

Following the death of a loved one, it can be difficult to know where to start. We can help you and your family to ensure the wishes of your loved one are honoured with minimal stress and disruption. Rees Jones can assist you in the estate administration process.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Putting in place an Enduring Power of Attorney ensures that should you lose the capacity to make decisions for yourself, your affairs will be taken care of by someone that you feel is best suited to make decisions on your behalf. It is important that an Enduring Power of Attorney is prepared with a full understanding of the implications of the document. We can support you to understand the details of an Enduring Power of Attorney and prepare a robust document to ensure you are protected in the future.

Succession Planning

Planning for the future of your business may involve considering how you would like it to continue in the event of your death or at a time when you wish to slow down. We can help you consider the possible scenarios to plan for, and put in place plans to ensure your intentions for your business are honoured in the future.

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