Agribusiness and rural property land rights

Rural landowners frequently deal with unique challenges that require careful navigation through legal restrictions and interaction with government, corporate and resource organisations.

We have worked closely with our region’s rural business owners for generations and understand the complexities of agribusiness and rural property law. Our priority is always to get to know the needs of our client, to ensure we can provide advice in their best interests to help their business and property continue to grow.

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of landholders and can help you to navigate the process should a government or private entity be looking to access, use, or impact your property.

Agribusiness law services

Rural Business Restructures

We know succession planning for the family farm, or major agricultural business restructures can be a huge stress for rural families. If you are considering a restructure of your rural business, there are many legal and duty-related implications you should be aware of. We can help you to take stock of your current enterprise and step through the restructure process to ensure you have considered and addressed all impacts of the change.

Rural and Water Conveyancing

The process of buying or selling a rural property comes with a lot more complexity than a standard residential property in town. We are experts at navigating the rural property conveyancing process and can help you ensure you have covered all bases in the process of buying or selling your land or water entitlements. Our Rockhampton rural lawyers understand better than anyone else the process of buying and selling rural property, farms, and water rights.

Rural Stamp Duty Law

We can support you to ensure your transactions access all the stamp duty concessions you may be eligible for, giving you the most cost-efficient outcome.

State Land Issues

If your land is owned by the State, we can assist you in navigating issues around leasing agreements – including cancellations, renewals, or conversions. We also offer support in amending lease terms to ensure you can make the best use of your land.

Vegetation Offsets

Maximising the opportunities of your land often involves navigating environmental and vegetation laws. With our support, you may be eligible to access environmental offset benefits to support your business. The Rees R & Sydney Jones rural team take pride in keeping up to date with the latest environmental and vegetation protection laws to offer our clients current advice so they can take full advantage of new opportunities and avoid emerging business threats.


Landholders are often approached by carbon developers to sign long term contracts which run with the Land. These contracts require careful consideration of the ongoing running ramifications, tax consequences, titling issues and valuation issues. We can support you to review any carbon agreement that you are considering and help you maximise opportunities for your land and business.

Environmental Market Trading

If you are managing your environmental impacts, you may be eligible to earn not only carbon but biodiversity, tree or reef credits and take part in emerging environmental markets. We support rural landowners who are considering generating income from their land by reducing emissions or by making practice or behaviour changes and being paid for this change or protection strategies through environmental market trading.

Renewable Energy Agreements

As our lawyers and clients are located in the Central Renewable Energy Zone, we have vast experience in negotiating options, leases, sales and easements with renewable energy companies. The Queensland Government’s plan is to deliver its new target of 70% renewable energy by 2032 and 80% by 2035.

If you are approached by a renewable energy project proponent, our lawyers can guide you through the process with regional knowledge and industry experience. Whether the project is a Wind Farm, Battery Storage, Solar Farm, Pumped Hydro or Hydrogen based, we have the know-how and are well equipped to assist our rural property owners.

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Your Rural Team

Legislation affecting groundwater quality, solar farms, renewable energy projects, tree clearing, carbon trading and vegetation offsets; our specialised Energy, Environment & Agribusiness team know Rural Law. Partner, Melanie Findlay is passionate about ensuring our landowners rights are protected.

Partner Melanie Findlay and Consultant Justin Houlihan are a part of our Mining, Gas and Resumption team. They have the expertise and understanding to support you in these matters. If your property is threatened by a resource company or a possible resumption then please do not hesitate to call the team to discuss the best course of action.

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