Land rights and resumptions

Few events in life are more disruptive and emotionally challenging than the threat of losing all or part of your property as a result of resumption by a mining or gas company, or the government.

Whether the resumption relates to a multi-million-dollar cattle property or a council easement at the back of your home in town, the effects on your personal life can be devastating.

Rees R & Sydney Jones have a dedicated team of landowner lawyers who know how to navigate their way through the vast and ever-changing laws that cover resource development and acquisition of land.

Our team is aware that early legal intervention and ongoing vigilance are essential to protect your rights during these harrowing times. If your property is at all threatened by a resource company or a possible resumption, the best course of action is to contact the team today. Delay can be very costly.

Land rights and resumption law services

Gas Pipelines, Coal Seam Gas Wells and Mining

If a government department or resource company approaches you about a possible land resumption, early legal intervention and vigilance is vital. The Rees R & Sydney Jones rural team have represented clients experiencing land resumption for mining, coal seam gas and pipelines throughout Central and Western Queensland. We are passionate about protecting the rights of landowners and have decades of knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcome for your land and business.

Renewable Energy Agreements

As our lawyers and clients are located in the Central Renewable Energy Zone, we have vast experience in negotiating options, leases, sales and easements with renewable energy companies. The Queensland Government’s plan is to deliver its new target of 70% renewable energy by 2032 and 80% by 2035.

If you are approached by a renewable energy project proponent, our lawyers can guide you through the process with regional knowledge and industry experience. Whether the project is a Wind Farm, Battery Storage, Solar Farm, Pumped Hydro or Hydrogen based, we have the know-how and are well equipped to assist our rural property owners.

Land Access and Exploration

Before you allow access to your property by a government or private entity, you should seek legal advice to ensure your rights are not being infringed. We can support you to ensure the necessary steps have been taken to protect your land and business before another party interferes.

Contamination Issues – including Make Good Agreements for water

If a resource company has access to your land, you are entitled to assurances that your land and water will be protected from potential contamination issues, or that you will be compensated accordingly. Our rural lawyers are experts in contamination law and are fierce defenders of farmer’s rights. We will ensure your rights are protected throughout this process and will help you to put in place stringent Make Good Agreements to achieve this.

Power Line Easements, Road Acquisitions, and Railway and Infrastructure Corridors

In the process of regional infrastructure upgrades, you may be approached about possible temporary or ongoing use of parts of your land. With our support and experience you can be assured of the best possible outcome for your property and business.

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