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At Rees R & Sydney Jones, we keep across the nitty-gritty of commercial law to ensure your business is protected, and to maximise business opportunities. We are on-the-ground in the Central Queensland business scene, and we have been for generations. We have extensive working experience with Rockhampton and Central Queensland business owners, property developers and investors. We are intimately familiar with the local market and the challenges your business might face.

We provide exceptional service and premier legal knowledge with an approachable local team you can trust. We are proud to be ahead of the game with upcoming legal issues and business requirements. With Rees R & Sydney Jones you are with the best.

Commercial Law Services

Business Conveyancing

Our local team is across the Central Queensland market and are well-equipped to provide you with a full suite of business conveyancing services. Our knowledgeable and approachable team are renowned for their ability to turn what can be a complex journey into a clear process with minimal stress.

Partnerships, Trusts and Corporate Structures

Considering the best way to grow and protect your business can be a complicated process. The team at Rees R & Sydney Jones are skilled at creating personalised, reliable plans and structures for the future of your business. Formalised partnerships, trusts and corporate structure plans can ensure your business is safeguarded.


The process of buying a franchise can be complicated – our commercial law team are skilled in navigating the journey and protecting your interests along the way. We assist franchisees with all aspects of franchise law including establishing, extending, or ending a franchise agreement.

Subdivisions and Land Developments

Laws around subdivision and land development are intricate and change regularly. Our team are across the latest updates on developing land and the specific laws and conditions of our region, and can guide land developers through the process with clarity and confidence.

Commercial Conveyancing

Our specialist Business and Property professionals can assist you with all aspects of buying and selling a business.


Commercial leasing or retail shop leasing can be complex. Make sure you are protected and clearly understand your obligations. Our Commercial team can assist with providing practical advice, drafting, negotiating or registering your commercial or retail shop lease.

General Corporate Law

Corporate law is ever evolving, and at times difficult to understand. We are proud to be your legal translators – explaining complex legal issues in simple terms to help you make the best decision for your business.

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Your Commercial Team

Rees R & Sydney Jones has for many years recognised clients who own their own business and need specialist legal services. Our dedicated Business and Property division is headed by Partners Nicole Collins and Kerry Attwill.

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